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Artistic Optimism

I am constantly amazed by  the career longevity of artists. I am not talking about hobbyists but about those who have made the creation, proliferation and selling of art their career. To be able to make one’s art a career, an individual must have a vigilantly positive out look on life and be a able to make lemonade out of lemons, progress out of failures and sometimes, straw into gold. Just ask any artist, tomorrow and the next year and the next show is always going to be better, richer, sunnier, better selling and more profitable.

Ponderings on How I got to Where I am Now

Some wise ad campaigner once said-“you gotta have art” and I opened Art Cats Gallery in Muskegon in 1999 on the assumption that that premise was correct. In reality, I had no plan when I opened. I had a new studio with a showroom adjacent and decided to use the showroom for a 4 artist […]