Art Cats Gallery was founded by owner Louise Hopson. Louise has been creating bright and joyful one-of-a-kind pieces in clay for over 30 years.


Louise lives in the Lakeside District of Muskegon near Lake Michigan with her husband John and two playful cats, Malarkey and Argyle. When they aren’t creating art, they love to float around on their custom Pontoon boat and walk the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan.


What am I doing and why am I doing it? These are questions an artist asks many times over the course of a lifetime. As we change and grow, re-focus and re-direct our energies, we reinvent ourselves. My artwork is an extension of myself. It changes and metamorphosizes as do I.

In my work, I explore themes of joy, celebration, romance, empowerment, environment and self awareness and I enjoy playing with color and pattern, order and disarray, rough edges and soft lines. Repetition creates a visual rhythm in my work. I strive to create multi-faceted artworks that venture beyond the decorative and delve into the realm of symbolism and personal significance.


I am happy to work with clients to create a piece that is meaningful and personalized. Typical lead time is 30-60 days, depending on the size and complexity. Get in touch via email or call (231) 755-7606.


We recognize the need for charities and non-profits to raise funds. As small-business owners ourselves, we have developed some guidelines to continue helping and create a symbiotic relationship between our gallery as the donor, the non profit and the consumer.


Although we donate to many silent auctions we also host several shopping events during the year in which a portion of the sales are donated to a non-profit organization. In 2023 we donated to Every Women’s Place and Agewell Services as well as Heaven Can Wait, The SS Milwaukee Clipper Preservation Society and Lakeside District Association. If you would like your organization to be considered for a shopping event donation, please contact us.


If you are donating to a non profit and would like to purchase an item for donation we will offer a discounted price on your purchase. Documentation is required.

"Women's Works" Celebrating Local Women Artists opens March 8 and 9 and runs through May 4. WE are excited to have won "Excellence in Retail Award 2024" from the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce and will be closed from 11-2 on Thursday, March 28 to accept the award